Three beer trends we’re excited about for 2019

Three beer trends we’re excited about for 2019
December 12, 2018 Kingdom & Sparrow
Small Beer Low ABV beer brand and label design

It’s no secret that we’re big beer fans at Kingdom & Sparrow. We’ve picked up on some shifts in the scene throughout 2018 – and these are the categories we’re most looking forward to seeing develop further next year.


1) Low ABV

Not only is the binge drinking culture less prevalent amongst young people today, but as healthy food choices are becoming a bigger priority amongst consumers as a whole, we’re noticing that more people are seeking low or no-alcohol options too. The members of our team with young children in particular prefer to have a few low ABV beers so they can join in the after-work pub session but still keep a clear head.

Small Beer Brew Co. is a great example of a brand we’ve worked with who are revolutionising the industry with their innovative approach, great tasting beer and contemporary design.


Small Beer Low ABV beer brand and label design

2) Super craft

We’ve been working with craft beer breweries since Kingdom & Sparrow began and have watched the interest grow until the likes of Brewdog and Beavertown have become positively mainstream. Whilst we love the fact that supermarkets are broadening their beer horizons, we are still drawn to the ‘super craft’ independent brewers out there that are staying true to their small batch, experimental beers for a niche audience. The label designs and branding can be more of a true reflection of the brewery’s personality without having to appeal to the masses. This is one of the things that excited us about craft in the first place.


Electric Bear craft beer design craft beer branding

3) Return of the ale

Once seen as the old-fashioned choice of flat-cap donned drinkers propped at the bar, lots of longstanding traditional British ale brands are refreshing their look and tone to appeal to younger generations – and so the following is growing. Unlike experimental craft or contemporary low ABV beers these ale brands often have a much more established feel, setting the category apart as one to watch.

That being said, the temperature of cask ale is still a challenge in younger consumers’ perceptions and we’ve seen the likes of Sharp’s Brewery trialling extra chilled variants to try and turn this on its head.


Sharp's Beer Design