The Rebrand: Practicing what you preach

The Rebrand: Practicing what you preach
November 12, 2015 Kingdom & Sparrow

This can be a hard rule to follow. When you spend your days providing a service for other companies it’s challenging to find the time, motivation and most of all, the objectivity, to turn that focus inward and look at yourself. Especially when it comes to branding.

We’ve changed, evolved and grown like companies do. So with determination, hard work and some clever time management, we took on that challenge, and found it was actually really fun.

New projects, a new team and a new office gave us the inspiration and kick we needed to take that difficult long hard look at who we were, what we offer and how we said it all to clients.

And it’s all led to this. A brand new website, a new look and a newly decorated office.

If you’d like to know more about how we approached our rebrand or how we’d approach yours, give us a call or pop in for a coffee.

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