The Creativity Series – Part 3

You’d think running our busy studio by the sea would be enough to keep our three directors busy enough – especially with kids and pets to look after too.

Nevertheless, out of the office, these three dedicate time where they can by doing what they love (and what forms the foundation of Kingdom & Sparrow); creating. So, for the third and final part of our Creative Projects series’, here are the K&S directors’ passion projects…

Man sanding wood in checked shirt

Danny, Managing Director

Away from the studio, Danny spends most of his time in his workshop, using his woodworking skills to make all manner of useful things for his urban smallholding. Dan gets the most satisfaction out of finding creative ways to repurpose and reuse odds and ends, contributing to zero-waste efforts. The outcome of this has been a mud kitchen of dreams for his two little boys, a sand pit, a number of raised beds and plenty of skilfully handcrafted items of furniture. On the off chance that you find him outside his workshop, he’s likely to be ushering his chickens away from the homegrown veg, or spotting newts in the garden pond with the boys.

Man cutting spinach with secateurs
Toddler potting plants
Father and son picking potatoes in a smallholding

Johnny, Creative Director

When he’s not entertaining his two young boys, Johnny can be found in front of an easel, paintbrush in hand. From moody Cornish skies to dramatic clifftops, Johnny has a real knack for capturing the landscape, often in oil paints. This project is purely one for his own enjoyment – allowing him to switch off from work projects and go back to his roots in fine art.

Coastal oil painting in progress
Box of used oil paints
haiku books on a coffee table
Woman on woodland path eating an apple

Sophie, Strategy Director

In the studio, Sophie sifts through words, finding the right ones to tell a story – so it’s no wonder that creative writing is a big part of life outside K&S, too. When she gets time, she writes Haikus (and has even inadvertently emailed in Haiku), but when she doesn’t have a pen in hand, she’s a joint muse for her partner’s photography. This privilege is shared with Scully – their gorgeous rescue dog who, to be honest, often ends up stealing the limelight.

Woman doing a paint by numbers in black and white