The Creativity Series – Part 2

This week, in the second part of our Creative Projects series, we’re unveiling what our designers get up to. From side hustles to relaxation pottery, they don’t just exercise their creativity during working hours…

Dead good embroidered pin by I See Sea
I See Sea enamel pins

Chris, Design Director

In 2017, what originally began as Chris’s freelance graphic design business, I See Sea, evolved into something else. With a range of enamel pins and embroidered patches, Chris started raising awareness for mental health issues, after battling with anxiety himself. These pins and badges are intended to be worn as a badge of honour – in the hope that someone else suffering with anxiety might see one on someone else and remember they aren’t alone. They’re lovely, and Chris now runs a successful side-hustle selling them via Etsy.

handmade brass tea strainer jewellery making set up

Jennie, Senior Designer

Ask Jennie what she’s been up to on a Monday and you’re bound to hear about something that’s been fixed, crafted, or repurposed. Sustainability is Jennie’s USP – she can clear a carburettor, smelt a pair of earrings, and turn foraged elderflower plucked from the Cornish roadside into a killer cocktail. Jen solves problems with creativity and practicality in equal balance, something that makes her invaluable to the K&S team.

Handmade clay painted plant pots
hand made and painted succulent plant pot

Holly, Designer

Holly is an illustrator at heart, and a fantastic one at that. But her talents extend beyond illustration and she has recently begun foraying into embroidery and pottery! Holly has been making plant pots that she can propagate her plant babies in, and spending time enjoying the slower side of creativity. In the studio, we’re often working to deadlines so Hol spends evenings sitting with her embroidery or taking time over her pots – that don’t have to meet a client’s brief!

Abstract tiger emroidery
Beginning of a canvas painting
Finished lanscape canvas oil painting

Liam, Designer

Liam spends his time outside the office working on all manner of projects – he is the designer behind Hannah’s magazine and book, and thoroughly enjoys spending weekends poring over his library of design, typography and graphic reference books. After recently returning home from New Zealand, Liam has set up a canvas and is letting his creativity shine through by making oil paintings of favourite NZ photos. We can’t wait to see more!

Helpfal community project

Jo, Designer

Jo’s put her creative energy into a really brilliant cause during lockdown. Helpfal started as an idea between Jo and her friend Emma, in an effort to keep the community and its local businesses connected during lockdown. With the help of the K&S team for some illustrations and copy, Jo and Emma’s extraordinary efforts have resulted in an Instagram channel with over 1000 followers, a website featuring almost 100 businesses and their products and services, and has helped numerous local people shop local under lockdown.