Quarterly update – 4 months at K&S.

In my first few months at Kingdom & Sparrow, we’ve been accredited with B Corp Certification, picked up a number of brilliant new client projects and also won a heap of World Brand Design Society Awards resulting in us being ranked third globally. Quite a start to the year… and none of which I can take any credit for whatsoever.

It should be pretty intimidating then… trying to improve on what is self-evidently a brilliantly talented, values driven and award-wining team. No doubt it comes with pressure to make 2022/23 at least as successful.


But intimidating is the last thing it’s been. There’s a collective passion that brings everyone here together as a team, so as long as those passions excite you too, it feels as much like home as work can.

Old Art School Arwenack Avenue

There’s a passion for the work; absolute obsession with the craft of producing work that could be art, but doesn’t lose sight of the fact it has to be effective in a world where people are bombarded with brands every second of the day.


 It makes it easier that we’re working in an old Art School surrounded by the beauty of Cornwall. I’ve discovered just how inspirational and invigorating the changing sea and landscapes can be. 

Which is a neat segue. There’s an authentic passion for the planet and our community.

B Corp Certification shows that K&S live their values when it comes to positively impacting the planet and communities around us. Our work with Surfers Against Sewage, Ecologi, and Sea Sanctuary are good indicators of how that positive ambition is turned into positive action. 

But it’s lived every day in the small changes that have been made in the office to make everything we do more sustainable and ethical. Not least, the final Friday of the month comes with ‘PPP’ – Pasty Pint and (litter) Pick.

 It’s a great way to come together as team and do something very simple that makes a difference, whilst also bringing in our own sense of competition as to who can pick the most litter.

life drawing

There’s a passion for wellbeing; conversations are open, honest and empathetic. The overriding feeling is that everyone has each others backs. That’s very different to ‘covering arses’ – there’s a real understanding that healthy people are more creative and productive. 

If no-one has time to get out there living life how can they possibly create work that’s designed to impact, reflect or connect with other peoples’ lives?

So, four months in: It’s great to be in Cornwall. It’s great to be back in an office. It’s great to be working on such a diverse range of projects. It’s great to be part of such a brilliant team.

Now I just need to finalise the house move and leave the five hour commute behind me (not so great)… there’s one Cornish word I’ve picked-up that perfectly describes my experience in the house-buying process… ‘Dreckly’.

– Kingdom & Sparrow Strategy Director, Kieron.