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Tarquin's Gin branding

Client: Tarquin’s | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Gin Label Design


Tarquin’s is an award-winning distillery fusing traditional artisanal techniques with innovative flavours and contemporary character.

tarquin puffin design
Tarquins Gin Bottle Design Branding


Tarquin had big ambitions to reach a wide audience beyond the South West and came to us to help him build his brand from scratch. We needed to capture the craftsmanship, artisanal process and quality of the gin in the label design.

Tarquin's illustration
Tarquin's puffin


We devised a north coast puffin carrying a juniper leaf for the brand emblem – our take on the dove of peace with the olive branch being replaced for a sprig of juniper. We used illustration to represent the gin botanicals and encouraged Tarquin himself to hand sign and embellish every bottle. A wax seal enclosure has been used on bottles of gin for centuries, but we decided to make a bold brand feature of it, capitalising on the bottle’s shape, making it stand out above the competition, at the bar and on the shelf.

Cornish Pastis - Label Design


Tarquin’s Gin has been extremely successful. It’s now sold in hundreds of shops and restaurants across the world including Selfridges and Fortnum & Masons. In 2017 their Sea Dog Navy Strength Gin was crowned the “World’s Best Gin” at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Tarquin's Gin - Bottle Labeling
Tarquin's Gin - wax stamping
Tarquin's Gin - Labeling