Scence Skincare

Colourful natural vegan skincare branding Scence

The future of skincare: making sustainability accessible

Client: Scence Skincare
Market: UK
Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration

Scence came to us with a mission to grow their all-natural, completely sustainable skincare brand. Handcrafted in Cornwall, their ethical, natural products had a loyal but small following, mirrored by their small-batch, artisan look. They needed to update their brand for a modern, discerning, eco-conscious consumer who cares about the planet but also wants great quality skincare.

To move them away from their more artisan identity, we developed a fresh look that brought them into the modern, commercial skincare market.

Trust in the company and the product were essential to grow their audience, so we developed a strong identity with more ownable flourishes and contemporary design that identified with their consumer. We chose a mature colour palette and hand-painted illustrations to reflect the natural ingredients and add a premium touch.

Clear visual navigation and range architecture to better help consumers understand the difference between products and scents was also paramount, as their current products were hard for people to differentiate.

Together the brand assets tell the story of the brand and showcase the quality of the products.

Scence has just launched their rebrand and is already selling natural, sustainable skincare to wider consumer-base, including export markets. Watch this space for more results from Scence soon.


“We wanted to work with Kingdom and Sparrow as we LOVED their portfolio. We are not the easiest of clients as we have a large number of products and pretty strong ideas – we needed to step away and hand over to someone we could trust with our baby! The team impressed us from the start with their expertise and communication, responsiveness and above all their talent.

We launched the brand refresh in late 2020 and it had an immediate positive impact in increased sales and interest from new and prestigious retailers and distributors that are fully in line with our target audience. What a result!”

– Krista Taylor, Founder of Scence Skincare

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