Sacred Foods – Popped Lotus Seeds

lotus seed branding

Mindful snacking: making healthy choices easier

Client: Sacred Foods
Market: Canada/US
Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Snacking should be enjoyable AND nourishing.

This is the ethos of Sacred Foods founder, Anamika. She launched her healthy snack range with delicious popped lotus seeds, the snack of her childhood in India. 

With a growing market for self care and healthy, on-the-go snacking, Sacred Foods bridges the gap between functional health food and tasty snack. Their lotus seeds are naturally packed full of minerals and protein, making them filling and wholesome, but with a range of powerful flavours and a joyful, self-care ethos, we didn’t want this brand to be merely a health brand. We knew it could reach more people by making sure positivity and tastiness came through.

The lotus represents the harmony of nature, spirituality and science which forms the ethos of the company, so we developed a brand around the lotus flower that was steeped in clarity, balance and positivity. The lotus seed logo is mirrored in the product photography, showing the link between the brand ethos and the product benefits. The vibrant colour palette and radiating lines are balanced to evoke harmony while promoting a feel-good personality and emphasising flavour.

We created a brand to connect with consumers who aspire to a positive lifestyle, making their mindful choices a little easier.

Sacred Foods launched in 2019 in Canada and is expanding this year to the US.

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