Rick Stein Wines – Spanish White & Red

Rick Stein Presentation

Client: Rick Stein | Market: UK | Services: Wine Label Design


Rick Stein’s Spanish red and white wines are a celebration of the flavours he encountered on his culinary travels through the country.

Wine Bottle Detail


Rick Stein came to us for a rebrand of their red and white Spanish wines. They wanted premium labels with an artistic touch.

Red Wine Garnacha
White Wine Verdejo


We designed a label with hand-drawn illustration inspired by the terrain and climate of the vineyards in Spain. We used rich textures and gold foiling for an elegant, premium feel.

Illustration Process


“We needed a modern label for our house Spanish wines that would look beautiful and also convey the story of how the wine was found. We tried a few different options but decided that Kingdom and Sparrow really understood the brief we gave them and came up with four brilliant routes We are very happy with the final design and have had good customer feedback and increased sales.”

Charlie Stein, Wine & Spirits Advisor at Rick Stein

Gold Foil Closeup