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Polgoon Wine Bottle Range Label Design

Polgoon is an established English wine producer set in the stunning hills of Cornwall. Their beautiful single estate vineyard is at the heart of their brand so we wanted this to be the visual focus of their wine label.

Through workshops we gently evolved the well known brand they already had. We brought a premium flourish and consistency to their recognisable circular logo. We also took the opportunity to advise on art direction and design for the rest of their juices and cider range – but that’s another story (see the portfolio page).

Now that the incredible quality of their product is mirrored by their packaging, we’ve helped to promote them by developing marketing and sales materials to customers and clients.

Polgoon Wine Bottle Label Design
Polgoon Wine bottle
Polgoon Wine
Polgoon Sparkling Wine Bottle Range
Polgoon Sparkling Wine