Small Beer Brew Co.

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Small Beer, big taste: revolutionising low ABV

Client: Small Beer Brew Co.
Market: UK
Services: Brand Identity, Label Design, Illustration, Photography

In the 1700s small beer, traditionally brewed between 0.5 and 2.8% ABV, was a staple of British daily life because it was less dangerous to drink than water! Since the 19th century the art of its creation has been lost. Small Beer founders James and Felix wanted to reignite this tradition with the world’s first brewery specialising in great tasting, sustainability brewed, low ABV beer. Their mission is to help people enjoy the big moments whilst staying as crisp and fresh as their beer. They came to us to help realise their vision and become the go-to, better choice for beer drinkers. 

To educate consumers in what was an entirely new category, it was key for the brand to be clear and accessible.  The challenge was to communicate that low ABV beer isn’t just for designated drivers. It still has great taste and is the smart choice for anyone wanting to have a few beers and still enjoy a memorable experience, without the after effects. 

Working closely with the founders we developed a highly detailed hand illustration (based on Felix’s hand) and paired it with clean, bold colours, shapes and typography. The design balances elegant simplicity with a playful edge, giving a feeling of contemporary, premium craft to appeal to a wide range of beer drinkers.

Small Beer has been revolutionising the world of beer since their launch. They’re gaining noteworthy accounts across retail and wholesale and can be found in Selfridges, The Ivy, The Savoy, Fuller’s Estate and Ocado, to name a few. They’ve picked up multiple awards along the way including Best New Launch at the Beer & Cider Awards 2018, and they’re London’s first B Corp certified brewery.

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