Moonchild Brewing Co – Branding and Craft Beer Label Design

Moonchild logo

Client: Moonchild Brewing Co. | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Beer Label Design


Moonchild brew high quality artisan beer with all natural ingredients, unfined, unfiltered and unpasteurised for a fuller flavour.

Moonchild design
Moonchild design


Sophie and Fred from Moonchild Brewing came to us with an idea and a beautiful illustration from record cover and poster artist Richey Beckett. They wanted to turn this illustration into an iconic brand and label for their ultra micro-batch, thoroughly craft beer.

Moonchild design
Moonchild illustration


We worked with them to create an earthy, yet sophisticated, small-batch brand that was uniquely them and drew on their love of music. They wanted a simple and cost efficient way to release experimental, single-batch beers without losing the high-end, hand-crafted feel of their core range, so we developed a beer label design that could be stamped by hand.

Now Belgian brewer Fred can do what he does best – make exceptional beer!

Moonchild label
Moonchild beer