Mococu – Organic Raw Chocolate

Mococu branding

Client: Mococu | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Photography


Mococu is an organic raw chocolate brand that launched at the end of 2017. Their unique collection of cacao body paints, massage butters, sharing dips and luxury chocolates are ‘gifts for the senses’ – gifts of beauty, sensuality, intimacy and goodness.

Mococu packaging design


We needed to create a luxury brand that communicated sensuality and emphasised the raw, organic nature of the product. Every chocolate is handmade, hand-decorated and hand-wrapped, so we wanted to show that Mococu is a real experience, not just a product.

Organic chocolate branding


Mococu Founder, Alison Fleming, learned to make chocolate in Mexico, exploring the history of the Mayans and their relationship with cacao. Using this as inspiration we developed hand-drawn glyphs that would become the essence of the Mococu identity.

We used deep colour, gold foil, and illustration to reflect the quality, sensuality and bespoke nature of the luxury brand. The swirling clouds emphasise the natural ingredients and intricacies of the handmade chocolates.

Chocolate body paint
Mococu chocolate


“They are a very gifted and talented team of designers, who really listened and far exceeded my expectations. They genuinely care about your brand and are very friendly and personable to work with. The team are generous with their time and always patient to make sure things are absolutely perfect.”

Alison Fleming, Mococu Founder

Mococu design
Organic vegan chocolate
Mococu organic chocolate body paint