Lewis & Baker – Luxury Baked Goods – Branding & Packaging

Lewis & Baker - premium packaging design

Client: Fulfil UK | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design



Lewis & Baker is a new gourmet snack brand from Fulfil UK – giving people exceptional tasting products on the go.

Lewis & Baker - premium packaging design
Lewis & Baker - premium packaging design
Lewis & Baker - premium packaging design
Premium stamp


Convenience baked snacks are in need of some sophistication. As 5th generation bakers, Fulfil UK wanted to bring some of their tradition and heritage back into their products. Lewis & Baker represents their expertise and passion for sumptuous, delicious baked goods.



We delved into their history to bring character and luxury into the brand, showcasing the delicious product inside, framed by a bespoke sleeve with a grown-up colour palette.

Interior packaging design
Snack packaging design


The Lewis & Baker range is already generating a lot of interest and positive feedback, and the premium packaging design has played a key role in securing new clients.

“It has been great working with Kingdom & Sparrow to develop our Lewis & Baker brand. The team produced great results all the way through the design stage, ready to listen to feedback from us – and their partnership approach worked really well. The proof of the work carried out is shown in the responses the whole brand is getting from so many clients and consumers. I would definitely recommend anyone who is wanting development of a great food brand or packaging to contact Kingdom & Sparrow!”

Gavin Fowler, Key Client Account Manager at Fulfil UK.