Hecks Cider & Juice – Beverage Branding and Packaging

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Client: Hecks Cider | Market: Worldwide | Services: Brand Identity, Label Design


Hecks Cider is over 120 years old and has produced generations of incredible small-batch, single variety cider.

Hecks cider branding and label design
Hecks illustration
Cider illustration


Over the years they’ve had a multitude of logos, colours and styles in their packaging, with no coherent brand and nothing that really shouted about who they were.

They needed to get across the quality and uniqueness of their product as well as their incredible heritage. With numerous single variety, small-batch ciders and perries, the packaging solution needed to adapt to their vast range.

Hecks illustration
Hecks cider branding and label design
Hecks cider branding and label design


They have a big export market, so Somerset – the quintessentially British location of cider – needed to be a main feature. We used a very traditional style and brought in the gothic architecture of the iconic Glastonbury Tor (which overlooks the farm), to reveal it as a traditionally British cider product with real quality.

It was important to us that the way we designed matched their traditional, handcrafted processes, so the botanical fruit illustrations were drawn and hand-painted in-house, representing the Kingsley Black apple and the Blakeney Red pear.

Hecks cider logo design
Hecks cider branding