Foraging Vintners Sparkling Wine – Isle of Man

Etching print for packaging

Client: The Foraging Vintners | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Label Design


The Foraging Vintners make exquisite sparkling wine, celebrating the Isle of Man with beautiful Manx ingredients.

sparkling wine design range
sparking rhubarb wine design
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branding sparkling wine


This spectacular Manx wine brings together modern thinking with heritage of craftsmanship. We wanted to bring that provenance and craftsmanship into the brand and tell the story of the wine.

elderflower wine design
flying hedgehog design
logo sparkling wine


The identity for the brand came from celebration. It celebrates the craft wine, its roots and the occasions it is drunk on. We wanted each label to tell the story of the wine, so the images are plate etching based on Manx myths, creatures and legends. Each wine name was inspired by the fresh ingredients and Manx language.

honey sparkling wine packaging
isle of man packaging design
Sparkling wine logo


The Foraging Vintners have only just launched their wine bottle, but are already the official podium winner’s wine for the TT races with Southern 100.

“Kingdom and Sparrow are a wonderful group to work with.  Danny came to our tiny island and visited our premises to learn more about what we are doing and what makes us unique.
The whole team is professional, creative, practical and genuinely driven to ensure that our brand and product images support our vision and purpose.  They take the extra steps  help us understand the market and what makes us different.  We could not have dreamt of a better experience than working with these guys. “

Ian & MaryBeth, Founders