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Client: Chocolarder | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity,
Packaging Design, Illustration


Chocolarder is one of only a handful of small batch, sustainable bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the UK. They produce fine quality, single-origin chocolate in Cornwall using organic beans carefully selected from family run plantations in Venezuela, Java, Madagascar, Peru and the Dominican Republic.

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Back in 2014 we worked with Founder Mike to create a premium, artisan brand and packaging for Chocolarder. From then they continued to grow, picking up multiple awards and gaining stockists all over the UK, from independent delis to high end stores like Selfridges and Harrods. 

In 2018 it was time to elevate the brand further and position Chocolarder as one of the best in the fast-growing craft chocolate category. They wanted to tell the story of their product, values and brand in a more meaningful way for consumers.

Not only that, but being plastic-free and sustainable was important to Chocolarder from the start – and they didn’t yet have a perfect solution. Our challenge was to come up with a new packaging design with zero plastic byproducts that maintained the quality and freshness of the chocolate and the luxury feel of the brand.

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We designed a bespoke and simple to assemble packaging structure that consists of a custom embossed and foiled outer cardboard sleeve, a compostable inner pouch, and an interchangeable flavour-specific card insert. The insert allows detail and depth in story, tasting notes, and traceability for every flavour, as well as a cost effective option for the extensive range of products. The result was a packaging solution that was both luxury and sustainable.

We evolved the logomark to include a custom logotype, building in shapes and details that echo both cacao pods and the smooth texture of the chocolate.

The hand-drawn, intricate pen and ink illustrations celebrate the origins of the ingredients and reflect the precise craft of Chocolarder’s chocolate-making process.

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“What Kingdom & Sparrow delivered was beautiful, functional, and unique, reflecting the quality of the chocolate inside and visually capturing the ethos of the makers behind it.”

Mike Longman, Chocolarder Founder

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