Our Studio Space

Bringing creativity and craftsmanship back
to Falmouth’s original School of Art

Back in 1902 the School of Art offered classes in the likes of freehand drawing, printing and still-life painting, playing a key part in the beginnings of Falmouth’s rich creative culture. Nowadays we’re proud to call it home with the team giving it a new lease of life, crafting global food & drink brands in the same inspiring space.

Sofa Lamp
SOA party

Studio By The Sea

We believe that a happy team results in great creative work and happy clients.

Falmouth is an amazing location that breeds creativity. There’s an inspiring buzz in the town and we’re right by the sea, so our work-life balance is spot on.  Now our new space is helping us to facilitate our creativity even further.


The wellbeing of the people we work with is a huge part of our philosophy, and we’re lucky enough to be doing what we love in a place we love.

If you’re looking for a brand refresh or launch, finding an agency with expertise in strategy, design and packaging is paramount. But if you’re also looking for an extra creative spark, come and visit our studio by the sea, grab a cold beer from the fridge and see where the magic happens.

Falmouth School of Art