Our new studio space: bringing creativity and craftsmanship back to Falmouth’s original School of Art

Our new studio space: bringing creativity and craftsmanship back to Falmouth’s original School of Art
October 1, 2019 Kingdom & Sparrow
Inside the design studio

A few months ago we moved into an exciting new studio, Falmouth’s original School of Art building. Back in 1902 the School of Art offered classes in the likes of freehand drawing, printing and still-life painting, playing a key part in the beginnings of Falmouth’s rich creative culture. Nowadays we’re proud to be here with our 10-strong team giving it a new lease of life, crafting global food & drink brands in the same inspiring space. It couldn’t be more suited to us.

Studio by the sea

Falmouth is an amazing location that breeds creativity. There’s an inspiring buzz in the town and we’re right by the sea, so our work-life balance is spot on. We believe that a happy team results in great creative work and happy clients – and this space is helping us to facilitate our creativity even further.

School of Art building

2019 – a big year 

The new studio has allowed us to grow too. We’d outgrown our old studio and needed somewhere that would occupy our team (we’ve taken on four new full time people this year!) and allow room to explore and practice creativity and craftsmanship. So when the opportunity came up for us to move here we jumped at the chance.

A peek inside 

It’s evident from the moment you step in that it’s more than fit for creative thinking. The large windows and high ceilings create lots of natural light and open space, with sea views from upstairs. The original floorboards are flecked with paint and faded ink – a reminder of the decades of art and design that have taken place here. We’ve made it their own, mixing mid-century furniture and bespoke art with IKEA chairs and reams of house plants. In one corner sits a traditional printing press and in the other a state-of-the-art graphics tablet. A hand-painted wall mural depicts our tagline ‘Designed Differently’ and a beer-laden fridge sits pride of place in the entrance hall. 

Interior design studio
Studio interiors

Party time

Earlier this month we celebrated the move and a successful 7th year with a party for team, clients and friends. The School of Art theme extended to branded invitations and custom beers, each with a hand-painted touch to make them fully original.

Painting labels
Beer fridge
Beer fridge
Spirits branding
School of Art party
Beer label design
Painting beer label

If you’re launching (or relaunching) a food or drink brand, finding an agency with expertise in strategy, design and packaging is paramount. But if you’re also looking for an extra creative spark, come and visit our studio by the sea, grab a cold beer from the fridge and see where the magic happens.