Live Dirty – Happy Hour – Beer Tasting & Packaging Review

Live Dirty – Happy Hour – Beer Tasting & Packaging Review
February 23, 2017 Brigid Johnson
Happy hour

We’re giving a cheers to these great craft beers!

Read on to find out what the team loved about the packaging design, our studio favourites and the trends we’re seeing in craft beer…

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The favourite of the ladies in the studio!

We liked the fresh citrus scent and slightly acidic notes of grapefruit. There was a touch of Salty Kiss to this ale – one of Sophie’s favourites!

The tall can was definitely a talking point; in the UK we’re more accustomed to seeing cheaper, mainstream lagers in 500ml, revealing further infiltration of the mainstream market by craft beer brands. This style is already on trend in the US and looks set to expand here.

Great to see the confidence of Magic Rock celebrated with their iconic style of illustration – meaning their own logo and even the name Hypnotist becomes secondary, which is no problem! The juxtaposition between old and new – with the petroglyphic style of illustration and an industrial twist of the sticker label exalts Magic Rock as a cool craft king.

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Dan’s favourite!

We liked the slight honey after-taste, a very summery drink, best enjoyed chilled, in the sun! Reminiscent of a continental trip…

The confident nature of an obviously applied sticker label is fresh and crafty. The design conjures up boat sails and the graphic pattern adds to the summery feel of the drink. We love the colours, bold pattern, graphic design. A beautiful tactile experience is given between areas of gloss and varnish on this label.

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Redstart Rye

Chris’ favourite!

We got a blue cheese flavour from this! Others experienced caramel tones.

As a brewery with ‘Chemistry’ in its name the label design is perfect with its tabular layout. There’s a medicinal quality to the information on this bottle, which itself has a robust and friendly shape. Spicy, dry and round.

Beer review
Beer review
Duchesse beer

Johnny & Aaron’s favourite!

A complex mouthfeel with this one! The distinct taste of small, sweet pickled onions definitely divided the team!

An old-fashioned European label and dainty bottle felt right for this Belgian ale.

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Full bodied, smoky, dark and dry. A great sausage or beef jerky beer.

Another old school design, both with labelling and the bottle itself. We were fans of this squat bottle, adding personality to quite a plain label.

Wookey Jack beer
Craft beer
East End

Flavours: mellow, good weather, mild, smooth

The designers favourite! We go nuts for pretty packaging and rich illustration and this was no exception. The Hefeweizen comes from a strong range of equally beautifully designed labels worth checking out. One of those ‘Wish we’d done that’ designs!

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