Live Dirty – Dirty Mondays at the Star & Garter – Our Review

Live Dirty – Dirty Mondays at the Star & Garter – Our Review
February 13, 2017 Christopher Porter
Dirty Mondays at Star & Garter

With their Blues and Brisket night steadily gaining popularity since they began last year, the Star & Garter in Falmouth have just upped their game by introducing a broader Monday night menu with a host of slow cooked and smoky treats.


This is tapas for BBQ lovers. While the brisket remains the star of the show, the host of new additions make for an incredible evening of casual dining. All served as ‘small’ plates, delivered to your table as they are ready, there are many treats and surprises in store.

We tried almost everything on the menu (it was a friend’s birthday after all) and here are my top picks. Excluding the brisket. That delicious melt in the mouth beast is a given.

Pork dip bun

The padrons (a variety of pepper) are salty, bittersweet and incredibly moreish, and they come out quick so you can sate your hunger while you wait for the other dishes. Next up we had a pork dip bun (we shared one between us as we were trying many things, but I could have easily tackled it on my own), the oglefield cheese (beautiful smoky cheese covered in breadcrumbs and fried) and the salted caramel chicken wings… Yes. Salted caramel. Such an amazing combination of flavours in these dishes. Sticky bbq pulled pork, smokey cheese and the sweet caramel on the crispiest wings I have ever eaten. The campfire beans are the most indulgent baked beans you will ever try. Cooked in the juices of the meat, cheese is added and they’re seasoned to perfection. A perfect accompaniment to the whole meal.

We washed all this down with one of their speciality cocktails, which were 2 for £10, and topped off the evening with a handmade rhubarb ripple ice cream. I certainly wasn’t hungry anymore.

Live dirty