Kingdom & Sparrow’s guide to Branding in 2020

In this time of uncertainty, we’ve seen many businesses taking a look at themselves and deciding that it’s time for a change.

 They might be starting a new venture or range, or transforming a brand that already exists into something bigger. Whichever it is, the common goal is clear – to come out of this stronger. This takes courage and determination, something we champion, so, for anyone who’s beginning a branding or rebranding journey, here are four basic pointers and up-to-date trends to get you inspired…

Branding and visual identity is more important than it has ever been.

89% of consumers now buy products based on the name and the packaging – with just 11% buying products because of advertising. For start-ups, taking the time to work with specialists to create a strong brand is essential – 82% of investors say that brand strength and name recognition are having more and more impact on their investment decisions.

If you’d like to read more about this, links to our sources are at the bottom of this page.

Dunkin Donuts Marks and Spencer logo refinement

Think simple.

Over the past few years the overwhelming trend for brands – both start ups and heritage – has been to simplify. Brand names are some of the easiest examples – the simple clarity of Uber, the shortening of Dunkin’ Donuts to just, Dunkin’, and even Marks & Spencer becoming M&S. Design has mirrored this too, and typography is just one example. In the age of technology, we’re seeing brands move away from classic serif fonts in favour of more ‘screen-friendly’, bold sans serif wordmarks.

Fashion logo simplification graphic
Sustainability thumbnail

Transparency is fundamental.

Sustainability, eco-friendliness and wellness have never been bigger priorities for consumers, and as our heritage brands are beginning to adapt to these new values, we must continue to demonstrate transparency to gain trust. This needs to be conveyed – succinctly and accurately – visually across a brand.


In the new Cadbury Dairy Milk rebrand, for example, the evolved tone addresses their conscious practices. The packaging shows off their sustainable credentials and an altogether more thoughtful brand. This brand storytelling leads us to our final point…

Humans love stories.

Storytelling that evokes an emotional response to your brand has always been important. In times like these where we are facing so many struggles on a global scale, people want to connect and form relationships with brands that they feel embody their own values.


This is where branding agencies like us come in. We turn your story into a consistent, cohesive brand, with creative design that’ll catch the eye of your target audience. Because ultimately, stories help you to create a brand that can build long, trusting relationships in times where it’s needed most.

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