Helpfal – a Covid-19 Community Project

Helpfal - Kingdom & Sparrow

Despite not having seen each other in close to four weeks(!), the Kingdom & Sparrow team pulled together more than ever during the first lockdown. We were thinking of ways we could help our local community – Easter in lockdown means many local businesses will be feeling the pinch left by a lack of tourists, especially considering the stunning weather that Falmouth had been basking in.

As a team, we’d been missing all our regular outings – to the pub, to life drawing classes, and going for lunch – and it’s evident others are feeling the same. So, one of our designers, Jo, and her friend and freelance marketer Emma, came up with the brilliant idea of a website that was effectively a really simple directory of all local shops, eateries and beyond who are still operating via takeaways, virtual classes and pick ups.

This site would also include a section for businesses providing more luxury items and services who need a little promotional boost themselves, like photographers, florists, jewellery makers and gardeners. In addition, it would offer up helplines and services for anyone struggling with the loneliness of lockdown, and, of course, the site wouldn’t be complete without a whole section dedicated to benefits and offers for our NHS and Key Workers.

And so, Helpfal was born. With input from the rest of the team, some cracking illustrations from Holly and eye-catching animations from Chris, and a few days of hard work, Helpfal went live. The Instagram page was set up for businesses to submit their details and to get the word out to local residents. It was wonderful to see the team working on new skills and putting their time into such a thoughtful project.

We’re so proud to be a part of such a brilliant community initiative and hope that this site connected businesses back to their local customers and customers with their favourite Falmouth products. As restrictions have eased, Helpfal has been taken offline in the hope that it has served its purpose – fingers crossed we don’t have a need for it again, but if it helped just a handful of people then it was worth it.