Food Branding

As self-confessed foodies, our joy comes from crafting innovative food brands that challenge their category and connect with the new generation of consumers.

Cornish Seaweed Company Sea Salad packaging branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

Sustainable Food Brands

In our modern world sustainability should be a given – but we love working with brands who have this at the core of their mission.
Bahlsen biscuit branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

FMCG Brands

Our fresh perspective and imaginative design brings stand-out originality and creativity to big brands looking to innovate in their category.
Snackzilla kids snack boxes branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

Kid’s Food Branding

From toddlers to teenagers, we create brands that connect with both kids and their parents, often balancing fun design with health benefit messaging.
Chocolarder premium sustainable chocolate branding


We work with luxury food companies to ensure that their brands and packaging designs are premium, indulgent and highly giftable.
Sweet Thai chilli healthy snack


As consumers grow more health-conscious and prioritise wellbeing, we’re increasingly creating brands that meet their on-the-go needs. 
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We design unique packaging solutions to help brands become more environmentally-friendly and enhance consumer experience.