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    Jennie designer

    Meet the team – Jennie

    - by Hannah Bevan

    Jennie joined the team as a Creative Designer in April this year and settled right in from day one. Find out more about her background, why she came to work with us at Kingdom & Sparrow, and how she’s fully embracing Cornish life by the sea.

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    Sustainability in the food & drink industry

    The Sustainability Series – Downloadable PDF

    - by Hannah Bevan

    We’ve put together a PDF combining all of the information in our Sustainability Series blog posts and more. Feel free to download this and share with your colleagues, friends and family in the food & drink industry – we all have the power and opportunity to make a difference by making changes, however big or small.

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    Sustainable packaging

    Communicating sustainability with design

    - by Hannah Bevan

    As a design agency specialising in food and drink brands, we’re increasingly tasked with finding effective ways to communicate commitments to sustainability and environmentalism through brands’ logos, messaging and packaging design. So what can you or your design agency do to help get this across?

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    sustainable packaging

    The rise of big brand sustainability

    - by Hannah Bevan

    In part 3 of our Sustainability Series we look at how supermarkets and mainstream brands in the food and drink industry are making sustainable changes.