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    Yumchi kimchi brand and packaging design

    When is it time to refresh your brand?

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    It could be sooner than you think…

    The average food or drink brand updates their identity and packaging every three to five years, but in an industry that’s forever evolving, it’s so important to stay fresh, current and exciting to your consumer base. And we believe that the fast-moving digital world means even three years might be too long.

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    Naming workshop

    5 things to consider when choosing your brand name

    - by Hannah Bevan

    Your brand name is a key element of your brand identity. It needs to capture your personality, communicate effectively with your audience, be unique and ‘feel right’. Choosing a name is an important decision, not to be taken lightly!

  • Craftsmanship
    Brand values and typography

    Communicating brand through typography

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    What is type and typography? 

    Type refers to pre-fabricated, replicable lettershapes. Typefaces are families of these lettershapes that share characteristics – like DNA – and work together as one.

  • Team Players
    Jennie designer

    Meet the team – Jennie

    - by Hannah Bevan

    Jennie joined the team as a Creative Designer in April this year and settled right in from day one. Find out more about her background, why she came to work with us at Kingdom & Sparrow, and how she’s fully embracing Cornish life by the sea.