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    Carpe diem - covid-19 blog post

    Carpe Diem!

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    Carpe Diem. It may not seem like a particularly relevant motto at this moment in time, but as a branding agency, we’re here to tell you why now, during this ‘unprecedented period of uncertainty’, it is more applicable than ever.

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    illustrations stay at home

    Working From Home: connected, creative, and cheerful.

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    With strange times afoot, we checked in with the Kingdom & Sparrow team to see how they’re dealing with working from home. We’re sharing our tips and tricks for staying healthy, sane, and creative both in our professional and personal lives. As a design and branding agency, it’s key that our creativity, communication and support structures are effective both in and out of the studio.

  • Craftsmanship

    A Handcrafted Gift for Our Dedicated Team at K&S

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    Each year we like to give a token of appreciation to each member of the K&S team to thank them for another year of hard work. 2018 saw us work alongside Francli Craftwear, who created 9 bespoke rucksacks, each handcrafted to suit the needs of the wearer. For Christmas 2019 we approached talented local potter Sam Mark Ceramics to create a collection of functional ceramics for each of our team.

  • Awards

    K&S wins gold at World Brand Design Awards

    - by Kingdom & Sparrow

    We are over the moon to announce we claimed gold at the ever-inspirational World Brand Design awards, as well as ‘Best Agency Work of the Year’ for our rebrand of Young’s Brewery. This project saw us revitalise one of the UK’s most celebrated heritage beer brands.