WilFred’s | UK

Reinventing the spritz for a new era of drinkers

The Challenge

Inventor and spritz lover Chris came to us looking for non-alcoholic aperitif branding. He was frustrated with the lack of inspiring non-alcoholic options at the bar, so he set about making his own and Wilfred’s was born! After months of perfecting the recipe with unique botanicals, he had an exciting vision: to create a spritz brand that competes with big players in the market as a non-alcoholic, tastier and healthier alternative. 

non-alcoholic Aperitif branding
Aperitif brand assets

The Process

With the low and no alcohol trend rising and the category becoming increasingly saturated, Wilfred’s needed to be distinctive in other ways. We chose to create a brand that didn’t hang its hat on this, but rather oozed flavour, summer drinking occasion and inventiveness. We wanted to communicate to the modern consumer that this aperitif may be no-alcohol but it’s by no means a compromise. 

We used cues from heritage aperitif brands – but with a creative twist. Gold details and Art Deco style lettering to give an air of sociable sophistication, whilst a Venn diagram style graphic communicates experimentation and the mix of flavours. A confident ‘Reinventing the Spritz’ tagline reinforces this message. 

Non alcoholic spritz serve
Wilfred's Aperitif Branding Kingdom & Sparrow
Non-alcoholic spritz branding
Cafe window graphic

The Results

We’ve created a modern British brand that stands up against premium spirits on the bar and stands out amongst spritz competitors. Wilfred’s launched in July 2020 and, despite the difficult Covid climate, sales have been flying from their online shop. They’ve picked up multiple awards and have begun planning export to the US and Australia too. Watch this space for more results soon! 

Aperitif serve shot

Chris, Founder of wilfred’s

“Our launch went even better than planned – we almost sold out online!

Working with Kingdom & Sparrow has been a smooth, straightforward process and an absolute pleasure from start to finish. They took the time to really understand us and the brand, which we feel really shows up in the final design. Our launch went even better than planned – we almost sold out online in pre-orders and everyone’s been commenting on how much they love the brand and design.”

Aperitif label with gold foil close up