Craft Spirit Branding

A transatlantic
love story

The Challenge

Ponet Spirits came to us to create a uniquely made, craft Mezcal brand to add to their portfolio. The brand identity needed to reflect the quality of the product, but break away from the traditional geometric look of Mexican Mezcals to appeal to a more European, premium feel for the discerning Ponet Spirits drinker.

Kingdom & Sparrow spirit label design

The Process

As a collective of explorers, creatives and artisans from Belgium who collaborate with Master Distillers to deliver superb spirits, they already had a name for us to work with: Telegram.  

We took design inspiration from telegrams themselves and the mechanical devices used to send them, paired with the tagline ‘A transatlantic love story’ for an elegant, historical and romantic feel.

A golden hummingbird asset (the bird that pollinates agave), a traditional Mexican patterned border and a background inspired by both the agave plant and a compass rose, come together to represent the product’s authenticity. The result is a brand that takes you on a journey across the world; a journey of discovery that’s distinctly Ponet Spirits.