Indian tonic brand refresh
Svami Drinks | India

A new era of mixers in India: Refreshing Svami

The Challenge

Gin and tonic may have been invented in India, but, until Svami came along, there were no genuine Indian tonic waters. Svami is now one of the biggest mixers brands in the country, but they didn’t feel that their old branding was doing them justice.

Svami short drink illustration by Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami mixers logo gif
Mandala illustration by Kingdom & Sparrow

The Process

 That’s where we came in. Svami has a story of authenticity and provenance, high quality ingredients and hand crafted production methods. Our challenge was to get this across in a way that would connect with the new generation of drinkers in India, and position the brand as both premium and progressive. We identified a new, more disruptive direction for the brand, giving it that sense of premium living and drinking experience by hinting at social occasions in Indian culture.

Svami gin and tonic illustration Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami tonic water bottle with gin and tonic Kingdom & Sparrow
Indian tonic water branding design
Tonic water proudly made in india graphic by Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami Indian tonic water branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

 Our hand-illustrated botanicals and patterns add natural flavour cues and plenty of character, whilst still demonstrating the brand’s provenance. We designed a bespoke bottle, refined the logotype and used our mandala illustration on the bottle cap, which all come together to add to the premium feel.

The Results

Since the brand refresh Svami has been growing quickly in India – and beyond! They’ve launched in their first export market, Hong Kong, and have gained popularity at events and festivals across the globe. Keep an eye on this page for more news soon!

Svami ginger ale mixer with orange peel Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami ginger illustration by Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami ginger ale mixer design by Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami cucumber tonic poster branding Kingdom & Sparrow
Svami cucumber tonic water with cactus Kingdom & Sparrow

Aneesh Bhasin, Co-founder of Svami

“Our new brand… stands out on a shelf or a bar anywhere in the world and competes against international players”

“Our new brand, bespoke bottle and packaging stands out on a shelf or a bar anywhere in the world and competes against international players, shoulder to shoulder. We’re really happy with our experience with Kingdom & Sparrow and are pleased to be continuing to work with them to launch new products in our range.”