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Off-Piste Gin | UK

Going Off-Piste: hand-crafted gin for mountain lovers

The Challenge

Off-Piste came to us with the goal to create a premium gin brand inspired by the Alps. They wanted something that would stand out in the crowded gin market and appeal to ‘mountain lovers, fresh air adventurers and fireside dreamers’.

Botanical illustrations for gin
Botanical illustrations for gin
Gin bottle with wooden top closure
Alpine gin illustration Off Piste

The Process

We wanted to capture the sensory experiences of the mountains, so centred the brand around a hand-painted landscape illustration inspired by vintage travel posters. Paired with an icey, powder blue bottle, the scene is filled with natural elements and bright colours to transport the drinker to a world of fresh air and adventure. Crisp, contemporary typography and botanical flavour illustrations contrast the vintage style, giving the brand a modern positioning and clearly communicating Off-Piste’s brand messages.

Rachel Archer, Marketing Director at Off-Piste

“Kingdom & Sparrow have been an absolute joy to work with…

…from talking through the brief and really understanding what was important for the brand, to the immense creativity they have to come up with such a beautiful design that does exactly what we wanted it to do – take your breath away and take you to the mountains. They are a lovely, amenable and super talented bunch and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”
Off Piste Clerkenwell Bros
Off Piste clerkenwell bros
Off piste brand concept
Off piste brand concept
Deer illustration

The Results

The result is an enticing brand that stands out on shelf – and a unique, fresh take on ‘gin’.

Since launching in March 2020 Off-Piste have successfully been selling online and have been getting lots of positive attention, including a feature on Channel 4’s Sunday Brunch. We’re also chuffed to have won Gold at the Harpers Wine & Spirit 2020 Design Awards!

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