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Mission Coffee Works | UK

Upgrade your coffee: making specialty coffee for everyone

The Challenge

Mission Coffee Works is a London-based speciality coffee roaster with a mission to bring better coffee to people across the UK. They purposefully choose and roast coffee beans to make sure you get amazing coffee whether you’re an experienced barista or just making your morning coffee at home. Mission came to us ready for the next phase of growth as a nationally recognised brand with strong values and a playfully upbeat attitude.

Mission Coffee illustrations
People over profits logo mission coffee
Coffee hike illustration mission coffee branding
Coffee bag creative pack shot
People over profits logo mission coffee
Dedicated to good coffee Mission Coffee

The Process

Mission Coffee Works are all about making great tasting coffee a part of the everyday, so we refined the brand’s proposition to a more accessible ‘Upgrade your coffee’. To ensure we’re engaging both the casual coffee drinker and the coffee geek, we based the creative idea around ‘the two sides of Mission Coffee’, and this translates onto the two tone brand colours and split coffee bag design. One side is simply taste and lifestyle orientated; the other is more informative on origin, processing, altitude and more, so you can really get into the details if you want to – or you can skip over that and simply enjoy upgrading to a better cup of coffee.

Mission Coffee Works logo
Coffee Shop barista with illustration
Two sides of a mission coffee bag
Mission Coffee Works logo and Girl in coffee shop
Group shot of coffee bags mobile

To communicate the brand’s personality we put the emphasis on enjoyment and the relaxed coffee occasion, creating colourful, paper-cut collage illustrations that change with each variant. We also created a bespoke typeface and logotype that gives a bold, confident feel and playful messaging and assets to communicate Mission Coffee’s ethos and sustainable practices.

Creating a typeface
Custom typeface for Mission Coffee Works
Bespoke font creation for Mission Coffee WOrks
Bespoke font creation for Mission Coffee WOrks
Creating a typeface
Custom typeface for Mission Coffee Works

Rachael, Head of Marketing and Events at Mission Coffee Works

“We’re thrilled with the result…

The Kingdom & Sparrow team are so creative and easy to work with. Communication was always fantastic and flexible to us. We’ve ended up with really beautiful and artistic design and strong brand messaging.”

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Coffee Shop poster
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Coffee branded baseball cap
Coffee bag creative pack shot
Coffee illustrations and poster
Illustrated coffee cards
Filter coffee pour and branded cap