Maison Du Vin Wine Branding
Off-Piste Wines | UK

Opening the door to accessible French wine

The Challenge

The French wine category can be, at best, a bit daunting and stuffy, and at worst inaccessible for newer wine drinkers. For the newest introduction to their portfolio, Off-Piste Wines came to us wanting to challenge this notion with an accessible, simple house of French wines that still oozed sophistication and high quality for the French wine connoisseurs, but didn’t put off younger New World wine drinkers.

Maison Du Vin Wine Logo Creation
Maison Du Vin Cremant bottle with coupe glass
Maison Du Vin Wine Logo Creation
Maison Du Vin Cremant bottle with coupe glass
Maison Du Vin Cotes Du Rhone and picnic table

The Process

We created not just a set of labels, but a Maison Du Vin brand that paired classic and modern cues with an edge of playful personality. Taking the idea of ‘home’ and unlocking great French wines, we created a bold but elegant logo, using the keyhole to emphasise the brand ethos. 

Maison Du Vin Cotes Du Rhone framed print
Maison du vin picnic table
Maison Du Vin Wine Bottle Range
Maison Du Vin Cremant close up and glasses
Champagne glasses
Maison Du Vin Cremant Bottle

We also created bespoke illustrations for each wine which give a nod to the region and sit on a window device, allowing you to look into the home of this wine. This creates a brand full of movement and taste appeal, but with a clear, clean layout to simplify information.

Maison du Vin the home of French wine
Maison Du Vin Rose Wine bottle branding
Rose wine bottle on a picnic blanket with oranges
Maison Du Vin Keyhole graphic
Maison Du Vin Rose Wine bottle branding


“Kingdom & Sparrow have been an absolute joy to work with…

…from talking through the brief and really understanding what was important for the brand, to the immense creativity they have to come up with such a beautiful design that does exactly what we wanted it to do… They are a lovely, amenable and super talented bunch and I look forward to working with them on future projects.”

Maison du vin wine brand illustrations
Wine illustration sketch
Maison du vin illustration creation
Maison du vin wine brand creation
Maison du vin tote bag

The Results

Maison Du Vin is now available in Co-ops across the UK. The perfect place for a modern consumer to buy undauntingly good French wine.