Reimagining and revolutionising the textile industry

The Challenge

Future Stitch is the most innovative apparel producer in the world. Their state-of-the-art facility in China, founded by the Co-Founder and former CPO of global socks brand Stance, uses the latest in high quality, highly efficient textile innovation and has a huge focus on social responsibility and sustainability. Before launching in 2017, they came to us to help them form a brand identity that would run through their factory interiors, packaging and all brand touchpoints.
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Futurestitch gif
Future Stitch Poster by Kingdom & Sparrow

The Process

We saw an opportunity to create a distinctive, innovative identity that reflected Future Stitch’s position at the forefront of positive change in the industry, whilst still communicating their expertise as quality manufacturers. To do this we created a bold logomark and bespoke typeface with timeless geometric forms and curves, and mid-century influenced flourishes to add unique character. We paired this with a contemporary emblem inspired by sewing machines shapes, keeping the influence of textile history in Future Stitch’s DNA and at the same time, giving the brand an ultra modern look and feel.
Future Stitch typography by Kingdom & Sparrow
Future Stitch socks branding by Kingdom & Sparrow


“I worked through dozens of iterations before ultimately deciding to use Kingdom and Sparrow as my brand ID partner.

I can’t overstate the importance of investing into your company ID. I believe thoughtful logos that tell a narrative and are easy to remember give your company an edge that competitors may not have.”

Future Stitch branding Kingdom & Sparrow Logo and Factory
Future Stitck Branding by Kingdom & Sparrow
Future Stitch branded t-shirt Kingdom & Sparrow
Future Stitch neon sign branding by Kingdom & Sparrow
Future Stitch NBA Socks branding by Kingdom & Sparrow