Craft Beer Branding

Double-Barrelled | UK

Journeys into craft beer

The Challenge

Double-Barrelled are a husband and wife team, Luci and Mike Clayton-Jones, who embarked on a year long trip around the world sampling craft beer – now that’s our kind of trip! 85,000 miles later they continued the adventure, setting up their own brewery in Reading in the UK in 2018. They came to us to create a brand that would capture their story and stand out in a busy market.

Our flexible citrus friend craft beer graphic
Double barrelled custom glass
Double Barrelled Illustration craft beer ethos

The Process

To ensure Double-Barrelled had a unique identity and that would reach modern craft drinkers, we needed to create a distinctive identity and range of premium beers that was inspired by their travels – but without being gimmicky.

Fruit Sour craft beer graphic
Fruit sour craft beer can
Fruited sour beer Double Barrelled craft brewery
Grumpy Goat defying gravity beer
Craft beer being poured in a rastal teku glass
Double-Barrelled craft beer taproom

We designed an abstract interlocking D&B logo mark to echo both a backpack clip and a butterfly, as a nod to the ‘butterfly effect’ of their adventures. For each label we used a simple, minimalist template design to allow the flexibility they need for regular new brews. The monochrome photographic backgrounds are inspired by their unique travel stories, engaging craft beer enthusiasts in their brand world and creating a sense of anticipation for what beer – and what story – will be coming next. 

LUCI, co-Founder of Double-Barrelled

“It was great to work with a branding agency who were as passionate about the industry as we are.

They knew our market without needing to be told & utilised their own passions to help us create a stand out brand. The team were great to work with and we are beyond proud of the final result. And they should be too.

Launching into the market at Craft Beer Rising amongst 170 other breweries was a real test of how our brand would be received. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive with consumers, bottle shops, retailers & distributors all noting how it fit the craft market perfectly. The only negative was some said it looked too professional for a start up company brand! We’ll take that.” 

Craft beer branding pink van wrap
Double Barrelled Craft beer 4 pack box
Double Barrelled craft beer merchandise tshirt
Craft beer beer mats double barrelled

The Results

We’ve continued to work with Luci & Mike to help elevate the brand as the brewery and their ambitions grew, and in 2020 we refreshed their can designs and worked with them on more engaging and cohesive brand communications, helping them to stay ahead in the ever-evolving craft beer market.