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The Cornish Seaweed Co. | UK

A natural balance: health, taste and sustainability

The Challenge

The seaweed that’s hand-harvested from the coasts of Cornwall is organic, sustainable, nutritious and flavoursome, but how do you communicate all of that to consumers from the supermarket shelf?

The Cornish Seaweed Co. has a range of products that make great meal additions, from dulse flakes to seaweed salt. We wanted to champion the goodness of their seaweed but also make it an easier choice for consumers. 

Seaweed seasoning mangetout Cornish Seaweed Company Kingdom & Sparrow
Cornish Seaweed Company Sea Salad packaging branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

The Process

Using hand-painted watercolours and bespoke illustrations paired with a clean logo, we celebrated the story of the seaweed from sea to plate. Messaging indicates how each product can best be used, helping to make them an easy part of cooking or meal prep.

We also worked with The Cornish Seaweed Co. to make the packaging as sustainable as possible, removing the plastic window and replacing it with strong product photography instead.

Tim van Berkel, MD at The Cornish Seaweed Company

“The designs… developed by K&S really helped push sales”

“The designs for our new SEAsonings product range, developed by K&S really helped push the sales of these flavoursome seasonings. They are now for sale in various health food shops across the country, and we see sales increasing month by month.”

The Results

What we’ve created is a natural but distinctive brand that stays true to their aim of making seaweed an easy choice for people, to add nutrition and flavour to their food in a sustainable way.

The Cornish Seaweed Company is now supplying Abel & Cole, Planet Organic and Waitrose, and has been showcased on numerous TV shows. It’s used by chefs such as Nathan Outlaw and Jamie Oliver.