Bahlsen | UK

Bahlsen’s  first festive range

The Challenge

Bahlsen has been making and selling their German biscuits across the world for generations – but in 2020 their UK team came to us to launch their first ever seasonal range for Christmas. They needed a festive sub-brand identity that would fit with Bahlsen’s brand ethos, whilst compelling retailers and shoppers with something new and exciting.

Lucy Marston, Senior Brand Manager at Bahlsen UK.

“We really enjoyed working with K&S…

They have a collaborative approach, taking time to understand the business need before they delivered a suite of beautiful design routes for our selection. They were really great at visualising concepts so we could get the whole business on board. Once the route was selected, they worked tirelessly to deliver an impactful and appealing seasonal design that incorporated our brand assets beautifully whilst conveying our brand history, and showcasing our product.

German market skyline illustration Kingdom & Sparrow
Orange, almond and cinnamon christmas illustrations
Orange, almond and cinnamon christmas illustrations
Marzipan bites Bahlsen Kingdom & Sparrow

The Process

To help differentiate from competitors in the premium Christmas biscuit category and capture the expertise and quality behind Bahlsen, we honed in on the brand’s German heritage. We created a distinctive German Christmas market asset that runs through the range and used rich blue hues with glowing orange accents to give a warm, festive feel. Hand-cut paper shapes depict flavour and add character, whilst a gift tag asset helps position the products in the right space.

The Results

The overall result is a range that fits with Bahlsen’s established brand essence, with a premium, crafted feel that makes it great for grown-up Christmas gifting.

Despite launching during the difficult Covid climate, Bahlsen secured listings with multiple major retailers such as Morrison’s, Ocado and Nisa.