Premium non-alcoholic spirit branding

The hangover free ‘G&T’: a non-alcoholic spirit for health-conscious millennials

The Challenge

Juniperl founders Rebecca and Wes came to us with a mission to launch a sophisticated and affordable non-alcoholic alternative to gin. As active, health-conscious millennials themselves, they wanted to create something that fellow gin-lovers could enjoy on social occasions – without the hangover the next day.

Alcohol free gin branding Juniperl by Kingdom & Sparrow
Alcohol free gin branding Juniperl by Kingdom & Sparrow
Naturally free Juniperl graphic by Kingdom & Sparrow

The Process

To help them stand out in the fast-growing low and no ABV spirits category we focused on communicating a sense of joy and activity, with a contemporary, feelgood brand identity. We combined lighthearted messaging and a modern colour palette with playful collage elements depicting flavour cues and people outside enjoying themselves in nature. 

alcohol free gin and tonic graphic
Non-alcoholic gin cocktail branding by Kingdom & Sparrow

Tactile finishing elevates the premium, reinforcing the market position whilst keeping it accessible. 

The result is a fresh look and feel that’s equally at home on millennial drinkers’ Instagram feeds as it is on their shelves at home.

Juniperl non-alcoholic gin branding Kingdom & Sparrow
Juniperl non-alcoholic gin branding Kingdom & Sparrow

Rebecca, Founder & Director at Juniperl

“The team at K&S completely got our brief and  created the most amazing brand for us.”

“Their ideas were so creative and different, and they’ve really made our brand stand out against others. We enjoyed the whole process and absolutely loved working with them!”

Juniperl non-alcoholic gin branding collage Kingdom & Sparrow
Juniperl non-alcoholic gin branding Kingdom & Sparrow

The Results

Despite launching in the Covid climate, Juniperl have already had some great success selling online – and lots of positive feedback on the branding. Watch this space for more results soon!

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