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range of branded food and drink packaging

Kingdom & Sparrow Brand Refresh

Over the last year our positioning as a new generation of branding agency has never been more relevant. Find out how the K&S evolution has happened and what it means for you.

Kingdom and Sparrow team working in new office space

Our Studio Space

Bringing creativity and craftsmanship back to Falmouth’s original School of Art.


Brand values and typography

Communicating brand through typography

What is type and typography?

Type refers to pre-fabricated, replicable lettershapes. Typefaces are families of these lettershapes that share characteristics – like DNA – and work together as one.

Sustainable branding in supermarkets

Communicating sustainability with design

As a design agency specialising in food and drink brands, we’re increasingly tasked with finding effective ways to communicate commitments to sustainability and environmentalism through brands’ logos, messaging and packaging design. So what can you or your design agency do to help get this across?

Sustainable packaging

Packaging and sustainability

In Part 2 of our Sustainability blog series we’re looking at the hot topic of sustainable packaging. Whether you’re launching a new brand or you’ve been operating for years there’s no doubt that the use of plastic is a crucial conversation for food & drink brands, now more than ever.