An Exercise in Gratitude

Lockdown gifts for the K&S team!

Living with Covid-19 has been a thing for almost six months now – but at
the end of July, we were finally able to deconstruct our home offices and bring everything back into the Old Art School, where life has somewhat returned to normality (despite the one meter + distances between everyone). 

Kingdom and Sparrow collaboration at the old art school
working from home office

a resilient team

As a business, we were really fortunate to not only survive lockdown, but to come out as an even stronger team, having produced some of our best ever work.

That’s not to say it wasn’t without its struggles – we’re a team that thrives off of collaboration and interaction with each other… and the odd Zoom call just wasn’t cutting it a lot of the time. 

An unexpected gift

Fast forward to the first week of August…

… We’d all settled back into office routine, hands slicked with sanitiser at every turn. One afternoon, the Old Art School had a delivery of parcels, with everyone’s name on…

No one had any clue what was inside, and the only person not present was our Creative Director, Johnny, who was also the only person without a named present. We wasted no time in tearing into them to find out what our mysterious parcels were. Johnny, over lockdown, had lined 12 canvases up, and from memory, painted 12 continuous sections to capture the essence of the Cornish coast, that had sometimes felt so far away. 

At first, they were painted as one, joined together, so each one shares some brushstrokes with its neighbouring painting, representing our collaborative connection to each other – a series titled Bring Me That Horizon.


Crying at gifts

Each numbered oil painting was accompanied by a printed card, giving us all some information about where Johnny took his inspiration from...

…and why he had dedicated so much time to such a thoughtful, beautiful gift for each of us, and a personal note on each – thanking the whole team for their hard work, high spirits and enthusiasm throughout such a difficult time. There wasn’t a dry eye in the studio.

At Kingdom & Sparrow we work really hard to give our clients the best end product, and a great working relationship to boot – this is partly what makes it such a brilliant team to be a part of. But the other part, the part that people aren’t able to see so directly from our work and our clients, is that we are so people-centric. We all truly enjoy being around each other and working together, and are much much more than just colleagues. Our directors do a fantastic job of promoting this culture that looks after us all, makes us feel truly appreciated and above all, drives us to bring our top game, all day, every day.

From all of Kingdom & Sparrow, thank you Johnny x

joined oil paintings