A Handcrafted Gift for Our Dedicated Team at K&S

Ceramic coffee set

A Handcrafted Gift for our Dedicated Team at K&S

Each year we like to give a token of appreciation to each member of the K&S team to thank them for another year of hard work. 2018 saw us work alongside Francli Craftwear, who created 9 bespoke rucksacks, each handcrafted to suit the needs of the wearer. For Christmas 2019 we approached talented local potter Sam Marks Ceramics to create a collection of bespoke ceramics for each of our team. 

Sam specialises in wheel-thrown ceramics which are heavily influenced by nature and the British environment. His pieces have a strong focus on function and form, leading to his signature utilitarian style. 

For our collection, Sam chose a few different stoneware clays with varying natural tones and a simple transparent glaze to highlight the clay’s natural qualities. An ergonomic carafe lid was designed specifically for this project, which we enjoyed developing alongside Sam in his studio. 

For that extra special touch we designed a K&S monogram stamp which Sam used to embellish the underside of each ceramic, alongside a handwritten message for each of the team. All of the ceramics were beautifully packaged and placed in a bespoke Kingdom & Sparrow gift box, to make for an unforgettable unboxing experience. 

Black and white pottery process shot
Ceramic coffee set
Moody cornish coastline Pedn Vounder

The result…


One Plate

Inspired by the pebbles and rocks from coastal walks around the UK, this plate was created using a blended stoneware clay with a white porcelain inlay detail.


One Pouring Carafe

Created using blended stoneware and earthenware clays, with a simple transparent interior glaze. The exterior of the carafe was left unglazed to preserve the clay’s natural qualities.


Two Beakers

Our beakers are the perfect size for a filter coffee or herbal tea. Finished with a simple transparent glaze on the interior, and unglazed exterior, which gives the beaker an enjoyable tactility.

Sam making ceramic coffee pot
Kingdom and SParrow printed logo
Ceramic filter coffee pour