5 things to consider when choosing your brand name

5 things to consider when choosing your brand name
August 13, 2018 Hannah Bevan
Naming workshop

Your brand name is a key element of your brand identity. It needs to capture your personality, communicate effectively with your audience, be unique and ‘feel right’. Choosing a name is an important decision, not to be taken lightly!

In our branding process at Kingdom & Sparrow the task of naming often follows our creative strategy phase. A naming workshop in the studio can involve a number of approaches – we might focus on ideas around something as simple as the product, a place or a person’s name. Or we might invent something completely new – a made-up onomatopoeic word perhaps, or a derivative of a word in another language. Whatever the method, coming up with a shortlist of names is the first step but there’s a lot more to think about before making a final decision. Here are some of the key questions to consider when making your choice:


1) Is it memorable?

Whether it’s simple and descriptive or complex and filled with hidden meaning, your brand name should be distinctive, catchy, easy to pronounce and not too difficult to spell. It’s a good idea to say it out loud in context and imagine how it might look in a line with your competitors.

2) Is it available?

Check that there isn’t already a brand with the same or a similar name. Do a Google search, make sure that the domains are available, and check it’s not trademarked. It’s worth noting that sometimes you might come across a small business in a different sector with the same name – this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a no-go.

3) Is it flexible?

Don’t restrict yourself with something too specific if there’s a chance you’re going to expand your product range. It’s better to choose something with longevity that can grow with you.

4) Will it work with a tagline?

It’s great if your name can help tell your brand story or describe what you do but if it isn’t immediately obvious, it’s worth thinking of how it could work with a tagline or secondary message.

5) Does it feel right?

Whilst it’s important to try and detach personal subjective opinions, ultimately you need to be comfortable with the name – but you might not love it straight away. We always recommend sleeping on it and seeing how it sits with you the next day.


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