5 Rum Brands from the K&S Studio – Celebrating World Rum Day!

It’s World Rum Day on the 10th July and, as we’re big fans of this particular spirit in the K&S studio, we’ve taken the opportunity to look back at some of the most unique rum brands we’ve created over the years.

Each of these five brands has a completely different proposition, personality and target consumer — but, and we can tell you from first hand experience, they all hit the spot with a ginger ale and a squeeze of lime.

drink branding bubbles 2


8Track is a feel-good, easy-drinking spiced rum brand that celebrates and supports independent British music.

We created a contemporary identity for the brand, going against conventional dark and nautical cues found in the spiced rum category, for a much more vibrant, expressive and joyful feel – evoking good times drinking rum with live music and friends!

The full portfolio for 8Track is coming to our website soon. In the meantime see what they’re up to here.


Hattiers sources fine aged rums from around the world and blends and bottles them in the heart of Devon. This is a brand with strong purpose, people and planet values too – and in 2020 they proudly became the UK’s first B Corp certified rum.

We worked with founder Philip to create a premium brand identity that captures his warm personality, as well as the brand’s ethos, coastal provenance and aspirational lifestyle.

Read the full story here.

Hattier's resolute rum branding by Kingdom & Sparrow
Coyaba Rum Design and Branding by Kingdom & Sparrow


The team at Curio Spirits have recently launched Coyaba, a small-batch flavoured spiced rum brand ‘born in the Caribbean and raised in Cornwall’.

We created a high energy, flavour-led brand identity with a punk aesthetic inspired by skate culture to appeal to their party-loving demographic.

We’re still working on this project but they’re already in demand. Keep an eye out for the full portfolio on our website in the near future!

New Dawn Traders

New Dawn Traders imports fine produce across the Atlantic, sailing cargo vessels to connect small overseas producers with consumers in the UK – with minimal impact on the environment. 

We worked with them to create a special, premium label that tells the tale of their 18 year old rum that was transported by tall ship from the Caribbean to our very own Falmouth.

Find out how we did that here.

New Dawn Traders Illustrative rum label design
Cape Cornwall Rum Design and Branding

Cape Cornwall Rum

Cape Cornwall imports fine rums from the Caribbean and blends them with Cornish water on their family farm on the cliff tops, steeped in history and smuggling folklore.

We worked with them to craft a brand identity that creates a real sense of place, celebrating their family story and the wild beauty of the Cornish coastline.

See their full range here.