A foodie designer’s guide to Copenhagen

A foodie designer’s guide to Copenhagen
March 6, 2017 Brigid Johnson

I recently had a short break in Copenhagen.
Here are my top picks & recommendations for the foodie designer…

Copenhagen Street Food

This is a large indoor food market with an eclectic host of street food vendors offering a generous host of cuisine. The place was amazing!

The food on offer and delicious smells made it difficult to settle on what to try for dinner. We sampled deep fried chicken topped with a warm chilli sauce accompanied by sweet curry and rice from Chick Ko (paired well with some Danish Pilsner). My friends ate from Tacos Cucho & Fat Burger – both outlets we can highly recommend! We came back here on an afternoon to simply enjoy the atmosphere and have a few beers as it had such a chilled out vibe.



Hay House & Mini Market

If you love stationery and your idea of a top Saturday afternoon is browsing in Ikea, then this place is heaven. Hay House exhibits beautiful Danish design and the mini market left our wallets considerably lighter after picking out some beautiful notebooks and pens.



Ramen to Bíiru

Wanting to try something new and acting on a friend’s advice, we visited Ramen to Bíiru in Vesterbro. Arriving at 7:30pm – prime time for dinner – was not the best decision but we managed to squeeze in and ordered some delicious ramen. We tried a range between shio ramen, shoyu ramen and spicy miso ramen. It was a pretty fun experience – you order from a machine and choose your meal at the press of a button. You still get great service from the friendly staff who were also able to suggest a light Wit beer on tap from Mikkeller.

Ramen to Bíiru is a fun, fast restaurant with an arcade feel, thanks to the neon lights, Japanese graphics and bright illustrated Mikkeller craft beer selection stacking the shelves.


Copenhagen beer

Copenhagen Contemporary

Really glad we paid a visit here – right next to Copenhagen Street Food on Papirøen – it’s a great exhibition space. With a select few exhibits running, I felt there was the perfect amount to take in and enjoy, without being overwhelmed. If you happen to get the opportunity to experience Céleste Boursier-Mougenot’s exhibit ‘from here to ear v. 21’ then it is well worth it. The hall containing the exhibit has been transformed into a calming, atmospheric space where a limited number of visitors can wander round along pathways between areas of sand and lyme grass. The space is occupied by 88 zebra finches – tiny, beautiful birds that flit from place to place, landing on the strings of several electric guitars set up so that very abstract, reverberating music is created within the space.



Drømmekage – Dream Cake

A Danish delicacy that we enjoyed as soon as arriving at our Airbnb thanks to our kind host. Definitely seek this out in one of the many bakeries that can be found on most streets! I am tempted to recreate this cake myself it was so good. (Also perfect for Fika!)