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Tarquin’s Gin | Gin branding – Gin label design – Illustration

Tarquin's Gin branding

Tarquin’s Gin uses traditional techniques but is full of contemporary, distinctive character. We wanted to capture the quality and character of Tarquin’s Gin to develop robust pastis and gin branding for them.

We helped Tarquin build his brand up from scratch, taking on his big ambitions to reach a wide audience with a completely unique product.

We came up with the concept of a north coast puffin carrying a juniper leaf for the logo – a take on the dove of peace with the olive branch. We used hand drawn illustration to represent the gin botanicals and the cornish heritage while still looking modern and high end.

We suggested using wax to seal the bottle like many high end gins do, but to make a brand feature of it, so it stood out at the bar and reflected their distinctive approach – traditional but different and a little extravagant.

We took on Tarquin’s website, glasses and rolled out the brand across every facet so we’re really proud it’s done so well.

Tarquins Gin Bottle Design Branding
Tarquin's illustration
Tarquin's puffin
Tarquin's Cornish Gin - Design Bottles
Cornish Pastis - Label Design
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Tarquins Gin Photography
Tarquins Gin
Tarquin's Gin - Bottle Labeling
Tarquin's Gin - wax stamping
Tarquin's Gin - Labeling