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Kentish Pip | Craft cider branding – Label illustration – Web design – Copywriting

Kentish Pip is a family run, Canterbury-based cider and fruit juice producer. With ambitions to become a forerunner in the up and coming craft cider movement, we helped to breathe fresh life into their already established heritage and to inject some of their vibrant personality into the brand.

Each flavour variety was assigned a name and illustrated theme that related to both the story and individual character of each product. Hand-scripted typography and bold, contrasting colours help these designs stand out on a crowded shelf or bar but the logo and style kept a coherent, consistent brand.

There’s a rich, textural feel to the hand-drawn artwork which reflects the artisan, small batch, home-grown nature of their award-winning cider. We helped carry this through into new packaging and marketing material.

Sales increased by 64 % within 9 months of rebrand.


They have been taken on by dozens of larger wholesalers since rebranding.