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Hawkes – Brand and Packaging Refresh

Hawkes cider branding

Client: Hawkes | Market: UK | Services: Brand Identity, Packaging Design


Hawkes is an urban cider maker on a mission to disrupt the industry and challenge our perception of cider.

Hawkes ginger beer


Like all good challenger brands, Hawkes needed something a bit different. We set out to embolden their brand and tell the story of their London cider – from Victorian street hawkers to modern city craftsmen.

Hawkes ginger beer
Hawkes cider
Hawkes cider taps


Hawkes needed a brand that reflected their rebel heart and bold outlook. We developed their existing logo to stay recognisable but refined and modernised. Taking inspiration from their Victorian city routes we created a brand with artisanal soul.

Hawkes type design
Hawkes illustration
Hawkes logo design


Hawkes has taken over London and the UK, sitting alongside other challenger brands who are changing the way we see food & drink.. They’ve recently had investment from Brew Dog as well as launching in Waitrose.

Hawkes apparel
Hawkes branding - before and after