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Electric Bear Brewing | Craft beer brand – Label design – Photography

Electric Bear branding

Electric Bear recently launched one of the only craft beer breweries in Bath. We took on their big ambitions and strong identity to create a bold craft beer brand.

Working closely with them we built a brand from the bottom up. Bright, bold, humorous and contemporary, we’ve helped them to stand out against the growing, ever popular craft beer market. Each beer has it’s own unique characters and label, using stories that reflect the beer names and their open brew house.

Using label designs, tone of voice development and photography, we’ve worked with their marketing team to make sure they’ve launched big.

Electric Bear Craft Beer branding
Electric Bear illustration
Electric Bear concepts sketches persuasion
After just one year Electric Bear is expanding their brewery to keep up with demand.
They’ve had successful Tap takeovers at The Craft Beer Co in Covent Garden and Tilt in Birmingham.
Electric Bear craft beer pump clips
Electric Bear van