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Buttermilk | Product branding – logo redesign – web design

Buttermilk had a great Cornish brand, with wonderful values and a whole lot of ambition. They wanted to reach a new, wider audience without alienating their loyal customers and staying true to who they were.

They had a very strong idea of what they needed to achieve and who they were, so for us it was just making sure that their product branding and the look of their delicious products reflected this properly. We helped them to brand new products like sharing packs, gift boxes and treat packs, as well as dusting off their popular grab bags.

To make sure the branding was consistent we’ve helped them roll it out across a new website and marketing materials. They have taken up the gauntlet and are working hard to make sure every aspect of their business incorporates the new Buttermilk brand.

They now have a colourful, quality, friendly brand that shows off their amazing traditional techniques, modern thinking and incredible passion.

Since rebranding Buttermilk have gained listings in Whole foods, Sainsbury’s, Lakeland, Booths and 240 Tesco stores.


They’ve seen web sales double, increased retail prices and are now selling all over the world.