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Brilliant Gin | Branding – Gin label design – Photography – Web design

Brilliant Gin branding logo

Brilliant are a simple, elegant and delicious gin brand. They wanted their new gin to reflect these qualities, presenting something, clean, crisp and high end. However, they also had a cheeky, adventurous personality, so we wanted to be bold with a simple, beautiful gin label design, balanced with a playful, adventurous tone of voice. Which is why their gin is now ‘Made for the Spirited.’

We worked with them to build a new brand, helping them to discover their values, tone of voice and target market. We advised and sourced everything from label finishes to bottling. Since then we’ve helped them launch, producing marketing materials, photography and web design,¬†placing them as a high end, quality brand right from the outset.

Visit the Brilliant Gin website.

Brilliant Gin photography
They recently won the prestigious Silver Outstanding Award and Bronze Packaging Award at The International Wine and Spirits Awards.
Really Brilliant Company Gin Seal Label
Brilliant gin website